Sipthathu Education Management Information System started in 2019 has achieved a huge progress within less than one year. Many successful projects which we completed in this year have contributed in saving time, money and labour. The pension payment project, the data base carrying information of teachers, principals and education administrators, the project of balancing teachers among schools which functions as a solution to the scarcity of teachers in schools are some significant projects we launched successfully in this year.

We have planned many projects which are to be completed in the future. The purpose of these projects is to increase the efficiency of the teachers, principals and the administrators. These projects will also address the problems faced by the teachers and principals and make their work easier. We have also planned to introduce a new mechanism to improve the knowledge of teachers and students. By moving away from the traditional methods, our main intention is to develop a system which addresses the global needs.

We, the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Department of Education are trying to revolutionize the system of education in the province using the newest technology. This software is being developed by engaging in continuous discussions with the relevant authorities and through trial sessions.Under the supervision and the guidance of the Provincial Director of Education, Sabaragamuwa Province, a talented and dedicated team works hard to make this project a success.